Mohamed Makkawy

Mohamed Makkawy

Mohamed MakkawyMohamed Makkawy was at the top of the bodybuilding world for a while in the late 1980s. While he never won a Mr Olympia title, he did win a good share of IFBB Grand Prix titles in 1982 and 1983. Known for impeccable symmetry, balance, and muscularity, the 5'4″ Makkawy was the epitome of the well-rounded athlete: He was graceful, fluent in many languages, served in the military as a translator, and dominated the pro ranks (albeit for a short time).

He also had perhaps the greatest forearms of all time! He trained with Vince Gironda during his pro streak and might have won the Mr. O title had he persevered. It takes most Mr Olympias several tries before they ultimately win.

Mohamed Makkawy is doing personal training nowadays.

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