Mindset Is the Key To Bodybuilding
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Mindset Is the Key To Bodybuilding


Thoughts are the seeds of action

As in all other aspects of life, attitude is critically important to making bodybuilding gains. Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, get ripped, or compete as a professional bodybuilder, you have to have a positive outlook that is conducive to attaining goals.

The Right Attitude Leads to the Right Results!

It's easy to force out a few more reps with an abusive training partner. That's called short-term gains.

But it's infinitely more difficult to amass huge gains in size without believing you can! In fact, it's impossible.

NOBODY who thought that they couldn't do something was very successful at it.

Bodybuilding is just like any other endeavor: The right mental demeanor will get you the results you seek!

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Tom Platz Interview

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