Tom Platz Interview

Tom Platz Interview

Tom Platz Interview

Tom Platz was a bodybuilding badass in the 1980s!

Tom Platz was a High Intensity Training BEAST back in the '80s. He was a true contender for the biggest bodybuilding prize of all – the Mr. Olympia. He came close a couple times but never won.

Many suggest it was because his legs were overdeveloped, which left his massive upper body out of balance.

I disagree.

I think his reputation preceded him into competitions. By this I mean that judges had preconceived notions of this imbalance that no longer existed.

In short, Platz kept his massive, awesome leg development and built up his upper body to epic proportions.

While reviewing information this morning, I came across this current video of Platz.

In it, Tom talks about his past, the 1981 Mr. O, his mindset, and how he was so focused he didn't even know who was on the stage with him!

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