Building Muscle and Drinking Soda?

Building Muscle and Drinking Soda?

drinking soda for muscle-building

Drinking soda will kill your gains IF it doesn't kill YOU first!

andizzle asked: I am a pretty small 16 year old guy and I am really wanting to gain some weight and some muscle. I don't have an exercise machine just a bench press. I have been working out with push ups and curls for awhile now and it doesn't seem to be doing much good. I do drink a lot of soda and was wondering if it could be doing more damage than I think it is. I'm looking for some exercises that are really effective without a machine and was wondering if the soda i drink can be doing more damage than I think. Also what kinds of foods to eat and what to replace the soda with.

My answer: Read up, man! Go to the home page (Build Muscle, Lose Fat) and just start reading. There's a wealth of information there.

And cut the soda – it's nothing but empty calories. There is zero nutritional value in soda. And the high fructose corn syrup will kill you, your metabolism, your kidneys, and your gains. Plus, it will make you fat-skinny.

NOBODY wants that!

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