Eggs are the Perfect Muscle-Building and Fat-Loss Food

Eggs are the Perfect Muscle-Building and Fat-Loss Food

Eggs are the perfect protein source

Eggs are a perfect protein source

Eggs are the perfect muscle-building food: They're protein-dense, promote fat loss, and the bad cholesterol image they've been saddled with was completely overblown!

Eggs offer the most complete source of protein from food (as opposed to supplements); in fact, they're the yardstick that all other foods fail miserably at measuring up to. The “biological value” (BV) of the egg is 100 on a scale of 1 to 100. Cow's milk, for example, comes in at 91 while beef comes in at 80 (wikipedia).

On a side note, whey protein isolate (from cow's milk) comes in at a whopping 104! This is the primary reason that you should be ingesting, and investing in, whey protein powders mixed with milk.

Coupled with its small size, the egg gives you a lot of protein for its small weight. In other words, it's protein rich and nutrient dense.

Don't worry, either, about the fat or the cholesterol in eggs (if you're a healthy individual): You will not increase your body fat or cholesterol levels by ingesting several eggs a day. In fact, you could probably eat a dozen eggs a day for several weeks in a row (if not months) and not suffer any ill consequences.

The egg is an ideal source of protein, offering all of the essential amino acids your body needs. Plus, eggs have an incredible anabolic effect on a person's body. Old timers like the late Vince Gironda used to prescribe dozens of eggs a day to his pupils during their brief (3 to 6 weeks) “bulking up” phases. This super food causes an outpouring of human growth hormone, which helps immensely in BOTH muscle-building and fat-loss efforts.

In short, you will build muscle and drop bodyfat by making intelligent use of eggs in your diet.

Give them a try! You'll like the results.

Do you know how to hard boil the perfect egg?

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