Instinctive Training Is Using Bio-Feedback to Guage Bodybuilding Results

Instinctive Training Is Using Bio-Feedback to Guage Bodybuilding Results

The idea behind instinctive training is that only you can determine the effects of a certain weight training regimen. You make minor adjustments to your exercises, sets and reps, weights used, frequency of training, diet, etc.

It's really just a form of bio-feedback, applied to a bodybuilding perspective. You take an action, determine progress, and modify your next action based on this continuous feedback loop.

If it's “Arms Day” but your arms are still sore from the last work-out, you have the ability, the freedom, to modify your regimen and train legs. This is the heart of the principle.

Here's a whimsical take on the principle by one of bodybuilding's greats, Dave Draper.

See how it works? Bottom line: You have to plan your bodybuilding sessions, but your plan is NOT set in stone. Be a little free with your workouts. You'll never grow mentally fatigued from a stale workout routine.

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