3 Pillars of Bodybuilding

3 Pillars of Bodybuilding

3 Pillars of Muscle Building

Exercise, Diet, and Recovery

There are 3 essential pillars of bodybuilding that you must master:

  1. Training
  2. Diet
  3. Recovery

Think of any bodybuilding system as a three-legged stool: While you can balance on two legs–or even one–the stool is sturdiest when all three legs are firmly planted on the ground and each leg bears its own weight.

So, too, is bodybuilding: Training, diet, and rest – or recovery – are critical to your success as a weight trainer. For short periods of time, of course, you can “get by” on 3 hours of sleep. Or working out with too much – or too little – volume.

Or a diet consisting of junk food.

However, if you want to maximize your gains, you will strike a balance for each of these 3 pillars.

Train right | Eat right | Rest right

You can find out all about proper training, diet, and rest on the pages of Muscle-Build.com.

Here are the high-level guidelines:

  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night
  • Train with a 3-day split routine
  • Eat 5-8 smallish, well-balanced meals per day
  • In your weight workouts, do compound movements and concentrate on the larger muscle groups like the thighs, upper back, chest, shoulders, and calves
  • Your diet should consist of flesh foods like eggs, milk, chicken, beef, pork, and fish
  • Supplement your diet with a multi-vitamin/mineral
  • Supplement with other nutrients when necessary
  • Relax
  • Enjoy life
  • Reduce your stress–practice yoga and meditation

If you follow the guidelines above, and read the information provided on this site, you will have a solid 3-pillar program on which to excel in bodybuilding or weight training in general!

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