How To Build Big Calves

How To Build Big Calves

Building big calves like Chris Dickerson is difficult (he's the King of Calves), but building well-developed calves is easy. Well, in concept. The work is hard.

The trick to building really awesome calves is lifting heavy AND doing lots of sets and reps. You see, calves are super-resistant to change. They're the hardest-working body part we have. Lifting heavy is not enough. You have to lift

  • Heavy.
  • High Volume.
  • Often.

There is a trade-off though. Your training is really simple. You need two or three exercises. That's it.

  • Calf presses.
  • Seated calf presses.
  • Bent over calf presses. Also known as Donkey Calf Presses.

Start off with three sets of each exercise, 15-20 reps per set with as much weight as you can stand. Work your calves at least 4 times week, preferably every training day.

Remember, your calves are working A LOT every single day. They propel you, essentially lifting your body weight with each stride. So, you'll really have to bomb your calves HEAVY, with HIGH VOLUME, and OFTEN.

Building huge calves is not out of reach. Follow these guidelines to realize your full potential in terms of calf size. Use this for inspiration! Tape it on the calf press machine.

Chris Dickerson has the best calves EVER!

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