Gallon of Milk a Day Program (GOMAD)

Gallon of Milk a Day Program (GOMAD)


If you want to gain muscle quickly, consume more milk – GOMAD

The GOMAD diet plan is one of the most–if not the most–effective bulking up programs there is. It simply works!

GOMAD, which is short for Gallon of Milk a Day, is a simple plan to follow. I suggest you start slowly, though. You may experience some gastrointestinal problems if you dive right in. I also suggest picking up some digestive enzyme tablets at your local GNC.

The gist of the program is that you drink an entire gallon of milk a day, spread, of course, throughout the day. You can start by drinking a glass of whole milk with a meal. Then add to another meal, and so on, until you're drinking an 8 ounce glass with each meal.

Coupled with your pre- and post-workout protein shakes (which should contain a minimum of 16 ounces each of whole milk), you will be drinking an entire gallon of milk in no time.

A gallon of whole milk contains roughly 2000-2500 calories, sufficient for short periods of time to really boost your caloric intake.

But don't just drink a lot of milk. Make sure you lift hard and heavy and get plenty of rest. Check out the 3 Pillars for more on this.

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