How to Cancel Out the Effects of Alcohol

How to Cancel Out the Effects of Alcohol


There is one activity that you probably do on the weekends—or some nights during the week—that could be leading to extreme weight gain (depends on how much).

It could also lead to your death—if you’re not careful.  What activity is it?


Now, I agree there are plenty of benefits to having a drink or two at night.

It’s been shown to improve heart health, may reduce your risk for diabetes, and may even decrease your risk for having an ischemic stroke.

But again, this is light drinking—only a glass or two a night.

More than that and you could be putting your health—and life—at risk!

Studies show that heavy drinking could lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, memory problems, and weight gain.

Now, up until recently, it was believed there was no way to reverse the damage associated with drinking.

But that was then, and this is now…read more

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