Kill Your Love Handles With Insanity Workout

Kill Your Love Handles With Insanity Workout


There are few things that have a more unfitting name given by people than the famous “Love handles”. Yes, not even the “Wisdom teeth” have a more non-deserved name than these little fat packs that annoy most or all of the people that are unfortunate enough to have a pair of them. Not only are they not loved, they sure are not good for handling anything either. And as for being love inspiring? Let's just say that the sight of them (from a front, side or rear view) is not the most pleasant thing the human body has to offer. So it is safe to say that anybody that has love handles wants to lose them.

Love handles can be attributed to many factors. Age certainly does not help when it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat in our bodies, and sometimes genetics can play a big part on the way we look and the way our body shape is. But mostly, love handles are there because we have let them be there. And before someone tries to fool you and tell you that this or that exercise can target the fat in that area and reduce or eliminate your handles you must learn a fact: There are no “love handles exercises”. You can try all you want with these exercises but you will see no results.

The best way to get rid of those dreaded love handles is to reduce all your body fat. And if you know anything about exercise you know that the best way to eliminate fat from your body is with cardio. But cardio can be extenuating and even boring sometimes. And the results can take some time to start showing.

The Shaun T Insanity Workout program has proved results and can make you get rid of your love handles if you give it sixty days of continuous effort and commitment to get rid of your love handles and all the other extra body fat that you would like to get rid of. The reviews and before and after pictures don't lie! There is no other home workout out there that is so extreme and with such a demanding cardio routine. If you work out to this program for six days a week for two months, the continuous cardio routine will take their toll on your body and will shape it into something that resembles your dream body, a body that most certainly doesn't have love handles on it.

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