Cure Back Pain in 7 Days?

Cure Back Pain in 7 Days?


Is it possible to cure back pain in 7 days?

As a long-time sufferer of chronic low back pain, I was curious when I read about the Back Pain Cure.

Once I got the book, though, I was a believer. After only a few days, I have seriously less back pain than I've had in years.


As you may guess, especially if you've been here before, I like to lift weights. I've recently gotten the “heavy bug” too, so having lower back pain has really put a damper on my enthusiasm for lifting heavy. Especially my newly beloved deadlifts. But now I can.

When I was 12, I strained my back doing some hokey homemade hack squats. When I was 14, I could barely walk after a flare up. I distinctly remember gym class, trying to run pass routes during football games. It was horrible.

About 10 years ago I had a bad injury from poor form on some really heavy leg presses.

In fact, I was nearly off my feet for 8 months. I was diagnosed with a bulging disk and spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal column). Short of surgery, there was no cure.

At least according to the “experts.”

I've had quite a few bouts with these types of painful episodes over the past 30 years that I cannot remember a day without back pain.

Until yesterday.

I am so pissed, actually, that I didn't seek out this book sooner. But I guess I couldn't, since it was just published this year.

The author, Jesse Cannone, gives a complete analysis of all the things that could be wrong with your body, mind, and diet. And then he tells you how to deal with very specific back problems.

This book is literally worth its weight in gold. Actually, that's way off the mark. It's a paperback, so it doesn't weigh much, but it sure is worth a ton of money.

But by clicking this “back pain cure” link, it's free (you pay for shipping and handling).

I really dig this book. It simply talks about the issues, the causes, and the cures. Stuff you won't get from your doctor, therapist, or chiropractor.

NOTE: The links above are MY affiliate links. I liked the product so much because of what it did for me that I became an affiliate. I simply want to pass this information onto as many people as I can. Buy it from me or don't. But buy it.

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