The Rotater - The #1 Shoulder Rehab and Stretching Device

The Rotater – The #1 Shoulder Rehab and Stretching Device


by Chris Melton

Shoulder Rehab & Athletic Performance

The Rotater allows you to passively self-stretch internal & external shoulder rotation to increase shoulder function, range of motion and performance.

Joint Mechanix, LLC was founded in August of 2007 by long-time friends Scott Kay and Chris Melton. We created this company to manufacture and market the Rotater, a shoulder rehab and stretching device that Scott invented so that he could return to racing. We never imagined the Rotater would touch people all over the world!

We’re not Health Professionals!

That surprises some people – but they’re even more surprised to learn that we’re really industrial mechanics. That’s right, we fix machines – BIG machines.

For more about us, check out The Rotater.

Just a few of hundreds of satisfied customers say:

…I must say that the simplicity of the tool almost lends itself to skepticism but one try and any athlete will appreciate the benefit of the stretch. It’s so simple but effective. I use it all the time to relieve the shoulder stress of bench pressing and after seeing how effective it is I have introduced other lifters to it as well…

– Mike Bridges – 14 time World Champion Powerlifter

The nicest thing about the Rotater is that the athlete has total control of the stretch.

– Tamara Copes, M.S, ATC, LAT

…therapist, patients and families are pleased with the results – the orthopedists will be also when check-up time comes. Thank you for your great tool!

– Jane Davis, PT

I have been meaning to send you guys a message because your product is amazing!..

– Brent Crangle

If you place a premium on healthy shoulders, you owe it to yourself to try the Rotater.

Watch this brief video to see how it works:

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