Larry Scott

Larry Scott

First Mr. Olympia, Larry ScottThe winner of the first two Mr. Olympia's (1965 & 1966), Larry Scott is best known for those arms! He probably has the best bicep structure ever.

Unfortunately, he's also known for wide hips and narrow shoulders. I'm not so sure I agree with Mr. Gironda about this, but that's the story.

He also starred in movies, including Muscle Beach Party featuring  Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello.

The partnership of Larry and Vince was quite innovative. Together, they “invented” at least two exercises named after Larry:

  1. The Scott Curl, performed on a “preacher” bench, to which they both attributed his famously long-bellied biceps.
  2. The Scott Press, a dumbbell exercise where you started in the finished position of a curl, and press upwards as you rotate your hands from supination to pronation. This exercise really hits the front and side deltoid a lot harder than a standard dumbbell press.

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