Build Big Arms With HFT

Build Big Arms With HFT

Build big arms

Okay, this guy's arms are crazy big…and made of Synthol. Don't do that.

I don't know you, but I'm pretty sure that you started this whole weight lifting thing because you wanted to build big arms.

Am I right? Thought so.

And the great thing about building big arms is that there is always room for improvement. Your arms can always get bigger. And I'm here to help.

Look, a lot of things work for building big arms. All I'm trying to do is give you another option.

Possibly one that you've never tried before.

It's called High Frequency Training or HFT.

Tell me if the following split looks familiar.

Typical split

  • Monday – Back (10 sets)
  • Tuesday – Chest (10 sets)
  • Wednesday – off
  • Thursday – Legs (10 sets)
  • Friday – Arms (10 sets Biceps / 10 sets Triceps)
  • Saturday & Sunday – off

Chances are you are following a split very similar to the one above.

Is there anything wrong with it?

Not at all.

However, when you want a muscle to grow faster, you want to stimulate it as often as possible without exceeding your ability to recover.

Stimulating a muscle 3 times a week will lead to more growth than just stimulating that muscle 1 time a week.

This is where HFT comes in.

Take a look at the following HFT split for big arms.

A Better Split for Building Bigger Arms Using HFT

  • Monday – Back (10 sets) / Biceps (3 sets) / Triceps (3 sets)
  • Tuesday – Legs (10 sets)
  • Wednesday –  Chest (10 sets) / Biceps (3 sets) / Triceps (3 sets)
  • Thursday – off
  • Friday – Biceps (3 sets) / Triceps (3 sets)
  • Saturday & Sunday – off

You will notice that you are working your biceps and triceps 3 times a week instead of just 1 time a week in the previous example.

You will also notice that the total volume for your arms is basically the same.

Although you are working your arms more often, you are not adding any volume. You are simply splitting up the total volume into more sessions.

This is key.

Your biceps and triceps are small muscles, therefore, they recover faster and you can train them more often.

This is why your biceps and triceps are perfect muscles to use for HFT.

Try an arm specialization program using HFT and let me know what it does for you. Add your feedback in the Comments.

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Bill Davis has been an avid weight trainer since the age of 12. He started out as a skinny teenager and finally made his training breakthrough in his late 20s when he discovered how to pack on lean muscle in short order.

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