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Out of the Box Muscle Building

Change is hard. But you can do it with some out of the box thinking.

You CAN change yourself.

When I first started weight training at 12, I was a fanatical football fan. I'd watch all day, gorge myself on protein shakes and snacks, and workout between games and during halftime breaks.


When I finally stopped training like a madman, I started making gains.

Huge gains.

The less I trained, the more strength and size I added.

Life is a big conflicting and confusing and counter-intuitive thing, right?

When I was a skinny hardgainer, I was lifting every day, doing many sets of many exercises. I ate all damned day long.

After all, that's what all the bodybuilding mags said to do. Hell, “hardgainer” wasn't even a thing back then – you were just an ectomorph.

After years of frustration, I took a different approach.

  • I cut out cardio.
  • I lifted 3x a week.
  • Heavy.
  • Few sets.
  • Low reps (3-6) for upper body.
  • High reps and HEAVY weights for legs (15-25), like Tom Platz.

That year I did that, I gained 60 pounds and was still under 6 percent body fat.

Don't ever let anybody tell you that's impossible. I did it. I know you can, too.

No steroids, either.

If you want to – but you must think out of the box.

Like I did.

If it ain't working, stop doing it. Try something else.

After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

Hardgainer Project X Review

I just got a copy of Jeff Anderson's latest publication, Hardgainer Project X (HPX) and it's fantastic.

Jeff (aka “The Muscle Nerd”) lays a solid foundation for the reasons behind a hardgainer's difficulty on putting on weight. It all starts with our horrible genetics. In fact, there are 7 broad reasons why some folks are hardgainers and others are not. They range from having a fast metabolism to favoring catabolic hormone dominance to poor neuro-muscular communication. Additionally, we hardgainers suffer from an over-abundance of slow twitch muscle fibers, reduced ability to synthesize protein, our recovery times are horrible, and we have an acidic system.

All of these things add up to contribute to ZERO gains for us.

But Jeff quickly lays all the “bad stuff” aside and shows us EXACTLY what we need to do in the gym, with our diets, and precisely what we need to take in terms of supplements. Anderson shares my skepticism of the food supplement industry, but another thing we share is our desire to get results – and both he and I have found awesome supplements that will help you get to where you want to go in terms of muscle size, strength, and appearance.

In HPX, Jeff takes on the “conventional wisdom” of the so-called “fitness industry” and tears down myths, calling out the BS like nobody's business.

He's also come up with a unique variation on the traditional drop-set. It's a novel concept that is not popular yet amongst the “experts,” but I predict it will become more and more popular as people, especially hardgainers, discover its efficacy.

Finally, Jeff has uncovered some new techniques that will help both nutritionally and in your workouts. He's very inventive.

All in all, I found Jeff's HPX system to be right on par with his other publications: They're effective, innovative, easy-to-implement and understand, and fun and easy to read. I read the entire course in a couple of hours (and I'm a very slow reader); I'm now ready to tackle the program with full force.

I highly recommend giving Hardgainer Project X a serious trial (there is an 8-week 100% money-back guarantee).


Gallon of Milk a Day

Got milk?

Got milk?

Aspiring weight trainers and bodybuilders want to get big fast, and one of the best programs for doing so is the “Gallon of Milk a Day” plan, coupled with some heavy lifting.

When you want to get big really fast, there is no substitute for lots of calories. In fact, you need to add 500-1,000 calories per day if you want to gain weight. And really, the more the better. If you find yourself getting fat (it will show up in the belly first), you can back off a little or do some cardio work.

The GOMAD diet, as it's commonly called, has been around for decades. It continues to be used because it works!

It's very simple to follow, too.

  1. Go to the store
  2. Buy a gallon of milk
  3. Drink it in one day, preferably over the entire course of the day!

That's it!

Lots of folks who have used the Gallon of Milk a Day program have reported that they've achieved great success with it. It is recommended that you ease into the program; start off by drinking 1/8 to a 1/4 of a gallon a day at first to see how your body responds to it.

Obviously, if you're allergic to milk or dairy products, this is NOT the system for you. Additionally, if you're lactose-intolerant, tread lightly here.

Remember, the whole idea about bodybuilding is to achieve a heightened fitness and health level. Don't destroy your health by eating food that doesn't agree with you.

By the way, this eating program works great with the hardgainer program I put together.

It's also a great start if you're a beginning bodybuilder.

bodybuilder guy

Want Faster Results?

Look, I know how hard it is to build muscle. Trust me when I tell you it took me 20+ years to figure it out. But once I did--BAM!--muscle appeared almost overnight. Give me your email address and I'll send you the keys.