Drank a gallon of milk every day for 3 months

Drank a gallon of milk every day for 3 months

I hit a plateau in my lifting and my weight gain. I was stuck at 150 lbs for a little over a year. When I started drinking the milk, I gained 5 lbs in this first two weeks. My gains slowed, so I started adding protein powders and fruit into my milk a couple times a day, and I was able to add another 5 lbs. I eat 3 meals a day WITH the milk. My bench press and shoulder presses also increased significantly after I put on the weight. I'm now 160 lbs, I put on some fat, but mostly muscle in my chest, arms and shoulders. I have a very small frame and fast metabolism, so drinking milk is the only way I am able to get the most calories at the cheapest price. No more spending 800 dollars a month on food when a 3 dollar gallon of milk can give me the same benefit. Also remember to take pictures of yourself before you start the program, because you won't notice your gains by looking in the mirror every hour. The gains come slowly but surely.

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Bill Davis has been an avid weight trainer since the age of 12. He started out as a skinny teenager and finally made his training breakthrough in his late 20s when he discovered how to pack on lean muscle in short order.

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