GOMAD Works!

GOMAD Works!

by Tony (Indiana)

I was tired of being a 140 pound twink. I started lifting as heavy as I could 3-4 days a week while eating 5000-6000 kcal/day, about half of which was milk.

In one year I've made huge strength gains and gained about 60 pounds without a large rise in body fat.

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Look, I know how hard it is to build muscle. Trust me when I tell you it took me 20+ years to figure it out. But once I did--BAM!--muscle appeared almost overnight. Give me your email address and I'll send you the keys.

Bill Davis

Bill Davis has been an avid weight trainer since the age of 12. He started out as a skinny teenager and finally made his training breakthrough in his late 20s when he discovered how to pack on lean muscle in short order.

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