My New 4-Day Split

My New 4-Day Split


Normally, today I'd do my deadlift routine. But my low back is super sore, so I'm going to hit upper back, chest, and delts.


Oh, yeah, I'm switching from my very-effective-in-my-younger-days 3-day split to a 4-day split. Here's what that looks like:

  • Monday: Back, chest, and delts
  • Tuesday: Legs and arms
  • Wednesday: Work on a lagging body part OR take a day of rest from resistance training and just ride the bike
  • Thursday: Back, chest, and delts
  • Friday: Deadlifts (I know, not a body part-focused workout – but it is: I'm hitting quads, low back, and traps with HEAVY weights for 3-5 rep sets, building in weight until I can't do even 3 reps)

What's your weight routine look like?

Let me know – just hit reply.

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