Now that Halloween is over...

Now that Halloween is over…

halloween-indiscretionsOver your sugar high yet?

I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween.

I love it because candy.

I hate it because – like everything else in my life – I over do it.

So I'm paying for it today.

The best part about the iron life? I get to work it off today!

And I love that!

Today is leg day, so I'm sure I'll burn off those calories and build some strength today.

Plus, I love doing HIIT training on the bike after a hard leg workout. I sweat like a beast!

What do you do to correct your weaknesses?

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Bill Davis

Bill Davis has been an avid weight trainer since the age of 12. He started out as a skinny teenager and finally made his training breakthrough in his late 20s when he discovered how to pack on lean muscle in short order.

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