The Metabolism Monster: Teaching Him That Fire Is Good

The Metabolism Monster: Teaching Him That Fire Is Good

by Steve Miles

The poor Frankenstein monster! He was so afraid of fire. Granted, you would be afraid of fire too, if you were being constantly harassed by villagers with torches and pitchforks. Now, think of your metabolism as a little monster living inside of you — one that you need to teach to behave the right way. Like the Frankenstein monster, your metabolism seems to be afraid of fire because he is just not burning off the calories like he should be. It is time to teach your inner monster that fire is good.

Whenever you eat anything, it is your metabolism that is supposed to kick into gear. When your metabolism is working correctly the food that you eat will be used for fuel. Anything that is left over after your energy needs are satisfied will be stored for later use or if there is already enough stored energy, stored as fat. The whole goal then becomes to eat what you need for energy and nothing more. If you eat the right amount of food and get the right amount of exercise, the metabolism monster is a good boy and does everything he is supposed to do. However, if you give him too much food to deal with, your metabolism monster will overreact and race back to the tower room, knocking down villagers as he goes. Old Franky might have feared fire, but your metabolism monster has got to learn to love it.

The higher your metabolism, the less likely you are to store excess food in your fat cells. But, keep in mind, the metabolism for all his monstrous possibilities is really timid and shy and can be scared into inactivity in no time at all. Luring him out of the tower room and back to work is the goal. Start by giving him a little less to work with one day. Most diets start off with a really restrictive phase which is meant to get your metabolism kicked back into gear. Once you have your metabolism monster back under some semblance of control (which is evidenced by slow and steady weight loss) you will move into the next phase of the plan which gives you a little more food and a few more options. Adding exercise, especially strength training, at this point will keep your metabolism revved up and moving along. Keep him busy enough and the metabolism monster will not be able to rise up and scare the villagers at all.

If you overeat one day, you may stall your metabolism which will slow your weight loss as well. Ironically, if you under-eat you may do the exact same thing to your metabolism monster. The point is to keep the metabolism monster working at a steady pace. The more he is used to working, the more he will expect to work. Mr. Metabolism monster is not a bad guy, more misunderstood than anything. We eat a dozen cookies and three full glasses of milk and then blame our weight gain on our metabolism. We skip meal after meal and then blame our lack of weight loss on our metabolism. The poor, misunderstood metabolism monster gets the blame in both situations.

Understanding how your metabolism works should be one of the first things that you do when you embark on a weight loss plan. You should arm yourself with knowledge so that you do not chase your poor metabolism monster back to his tower room once again.

About the Author: Steve Miles is a man that finally got in shape in his older years of life. Now he wants to encourage others like him that it is never too late to start working out. Steve's next goal is to finish the workout called Tony Hortons P90X, then he'll work his way up to the Shaun T Insanity Workout by Shaun T.

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